Arulnula is considered to be a companion to Akilatirattu Ammanai, as well as the holy book of Ayyavahi. This book contains a collection of messages given by Ayya Vaikundar to his disciples (Sidhas or Arulas), whose names are not known. As they are believed to have been composed by Arlilarkar, it got the name Arulnula.

Within this literature, chanting, chanting, and chanting are the prayer formulas used for worship. Chattu-neetolai is a book said to contain the lamentations of Ayya Vaikunder. It laments the sufferings of Ayya Vaikundar and the people of Sanar. There are also opinions that Ayya Vaikundar himself recited the contents of this book when he came from Tiruchendur. Ayya Sikaruku Sonna Praram, Ayya Sikarugu Sonna Sivakantha Adhikara Pathiram and Dingal Padam are instructions given to people about various aspects of life including worship behaviour. The instructions found in these are generally reworked of those given in the compiler. Nadutirvai Ula is a collection of predictions for the Day of Judgment, and the wedding greeting is a song to be sung during weddings in honor of the couple. Another sutra of the story of the seven maidens given in Akhilathirat is the Saptha Kannimar hymn, and the Panchathevar Urpati are five folk deities called Shivamars, believed to be warriors of Ayya Vaikunder.

Pronunciation & Conjugation

In Tamil the word Uchippuppu means “things to be pronounced in the afternoon”. This pronunciation should not be confused with optimization. This recitation is recited exactly at 12:00 PM in Ayyavah Padis and Shayta Thangals. It is also found in Arul Book.

Teaching is one of the sub-divisions of Arul, which was the second Veda of Ayyavahi. This is a form of prayer called ‘asking for forgiveness’.

One of the sub-divisions of the Arul book is Chattu-Neetolai. It contains the incidents that happened when Ayya Vaikundar came towards Detsanam on the shore of the sea after his incarnation from Tiruchendur sea.

The production section of Panchathevar tells about the situation and the way in which Sanjhaimar was created.

Nadutirvai (Judgment) Ula (Journey) (“Journey to the Final Judgment”) is part of the Arul text, which is one of the sources of Ayyavah Puranas. This passage tells of the last events of the world or the day of Kali’s destruction.

Pathira is one of the sub-sections of the Book of Grace. But it was believed to be written by Dharma Siddha. It contains rules and regulations for Sashits. It refers to the manner in which Ayya gives deeds to Dharma Siddha.

The Sivakantha Adhikarpatra is one of the sub-sections of Arul Nūva, which was the second Veda of Ayyāva. It contains rules and regulations for the world. Hari Gopalan gives the ayya acts to the Siddhar sitting on the padi facing the north direction and the Siddhar facing the south.

Dhingal Padam is one of the sub-sections of the Arul Guru which was the second Veda of Ayyavahi .. It contains the events and reasons for the incarnation of Vaikundar. It also contains some prophecies.

The Saptha Kannimar song is one of the sub-sections of Arul Niva which was the second Veda of Ayyavahi.. It contains the background of this event and the reason for the birth of the seven virgins of the world.

  • Parameshwari
  • Kaumari
  • Varahi
  • Vaishnavite
  • Chamundi
  • Maheshwari
  • Indrani

Kalyana Bharit is a song sung during weddings by followers of Ayyavahi. Most of the lines in this section seem to be taken from the International.