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The avatar padi, lined up among the holy places of Ayya worshiping Hindus, is located on the sea shore, one km south of the Tiruchendur Murugan Temple. The avatara padi is a flag of love erected by the people on the beach to reflect the splendor of Narayan’s incarnation as Vaikuntha in the Thiruchendur Tirupal Sea.

On the morning of the 20th of the month of Masi, when Vaikuntha’s incarnation took place, it was a joy for the people of Anbukodi to immerse themselves in the sea of Tiruchendur and worship the deity. The Incarnation Festival is celebrated here every year with great grandeur.

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Ambala Pathi is known as Pallattu Pathi and Moolakunda Pathi. Pathi is located near the coast, 13 kilometers west of Kanyakumari and 14 kilometers southeast of Nagercoil. “If it comes down to this
There is no harm

From what Ayya says in Akilathiratu Ammani, “Every time is not suitable for this part”.
One can know the sacred. Special worship is held on Sundays in all the padis and shadow buffers of Ayya. But in Ambal Padhi only it takes place on Tuesday. At Ambalapati, the Tattva Koitaika, which represents the 96 Tattvas, is special.

Before going to Vaikunder Swami grove, he had promised to go to Mulakundapati and set up a Shiva Lingam and then hide it in the soil and come back. Accordingly, Vaikundar came back to Ambalapati and performed the tirukalyanam of Mother Bhagwati, Parvati, Umaiyavala as Shiva, Mother Skull as an aspect of Saraswati as Brahmadev, Valli and Deivanai as Muruga. Through such Thirukalyanams he showed that Ekaparam is the same thing.

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Thamaraikulam was the birthplace of Arigopalan, a devotee of Ayya Vaigunder. He is also known as Sahadeva. He was the one who finished writing the holy book Akhilathirattu to show Ayya way. Hence he is popular among the devotees of Ayya Vaikundar.

This temple is located at Tamaraikulam in the southern part, one kilometer away from Samithop. The place can also be reached by bus from Kanya Kumari and Nagercoil. This place is fourteen kilometers away from Nagercoil. Once the devotees invited Ayya to come to that place. He also accepted their invitation and went there and stayed for one day and returned to Samitop. He was given a warm welcome when he arrived there.

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Bhupathi is ten kilometers away from Nagercoil. Bhumadevi was a six-year-old girl in the form of Bhumadantai in a place called Ethamozhi. The girl’s relatives opposed it even though some people wanted the godly couple to get married.
But the little girl continued to sing the praises of Ayya Vaigunder and showed them that she was no ordinary girl. After that her relatives invited Ayya Vaikunder to their village and got her married to him.
After that he went to the Punnai tree grove where the cold wind was blowing and stayed there. It was at that place that the Bhupathi padi was later established.

Swamithoppa Pathi

Ayya Vaikunda is the penance of Parambhata. The Swamithoppa Pathi is the most important among the Pathis associated with Ayya Vaikundar’s incarnations. It was at this place that Ayya Vaikunder saw his ascetic form for six years.
Ayya established five padis for people to worship him. The main Pati Ayya place of worship is located at Samithope


Muttapathi is two kilometers away from Kanyakumari sea. This is where the devotees of Ayya Vaikundar performed the last stage of the ablution. Seven hundred families lived together in that town. They lived simply and harmoniously, eating vegetarian food.
Many people came there to see the lifestyle of the people there. The coconut grove where Duvayalpati took place was the abode of an Asara Brahmin in Kanyakumari. After coming to that place and seeing the way of life of the people there, he became a devotee of Ayya Vaikunder and gifted the place to him.
The sea where Ayya Vaikunder entered the sea and went to seek blessings from Vishnu was the sea of milk. It is right next to this post. People believe that bathing in that sea will bring blessings. Hence, every year on the last Friday of Panguni month, lakhs of devotees from Samith Thop walk to Muttapatti and bathe in the sea there.